Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day vastly approaching I figured that it would be fitting for my first post to touch base on the whole subject.

I have to admit that I wasn’t always a fan of Valentine’s Day I saw it as an excuse for couples to go out, show off their affection for one another and get all lovey-dovey in public places. However, as time went on the idea of Valentine’s Day grew on me. Perhaps I’m a sucker for grand gestures or maybe I really enjoy the idea of receiving flowers and chocolate (they make a girl feel special, alrite), personal feelings aside Valentine’s Day is just like any other day.

Granted if you’ve got a special someone, here are a few gift ideas to make your Valentine’s more special.

1. Get your sweetie a card or get creative and make your own card. I personally adore receiving as well as making cards their simple and can say a lot.

2. This idea is a little more risqué and sexual (yes, I said sexual). Why not create your own love coupons? They are easy to make and from personal experience a big hit. If you’re too lazy to make your own, check out Etsy shop owner NeatThings she has a great selection of coupons and notes that are sure to spice up your Valentine’s Day.

3. Take your special someone ice skating, yes I said ice skating. It is affordable and sure to make any girl feel special. As women we do not always require flashy gestures, we like simple too. Gents take note.

4. Spend a night inside, crack open a bottle of wine and cook dinner together. If you can’t cook, improvise. Better yet, sign up for romantical cooking class together.

If you’re single don’t fret. Back when I was single and after watching the movie Valentine’s Day my housemates and I decided to throw our own Anti-Valentine’s Day party, hey if Jessica Biel could pull it off we could too. While you’re at it invite all the single people you know, who knows you just might get lucky.



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