More Peplum

Photo 1

Let’s talk about one of my favourite trends this season, peplum. This super flirty trend has been popping up everywhere! The great thing about this look is that it can be used to add some dimension as well as texture to your ensemble. I especially love the ultra feminine look it brings to a simple skirt, dress or top. Here are just a few of my top peplum picks.

Top Row:  Photos: 123   Peplum Skirts: 123

Bottom Row: Photos: 123   Peplum Tops: 123

  1. I’m still not sure if I like this trend. It looks great on some girls, especially a simple design, but just can’t seem to get myself to wear one. Yet!!! Great post! XO

    • I know what you mean! I wasn’t a huge fan at first, but this trend is slowly growing on me. I’m in love with the skirts though, they look great paired with a simple top! 🙂

      • Will def give it a try:) XO

  2. I adore this trend! But only because I lack those beautiful womanly hips, peplums help 🙂

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