I am beyond excited to share with you these gorgeous illustrations by Etsy seller, EmmaKissTina. The designer behind these beautiful sketches is the wonderful Kristina Hultkrantz, from Stockholm Sweden. Each one of Kristina’s illustrations is undeniably girly, and quite charming. Not to mention, the moment that you set your eyes on Kristina’s work you are sure to be mesmerized, as each drawing is only more glamorous than the next!


I love discovering unique art, so when I came across LuLu and Drew you can imagine how excited I was. Created by the talented Stephanie Jean, each painting is not only modern, but elegant. What I love the most is how each painting conveys a light-hearted, airy feeling while still remaining fun and beautiful. I have to admit that I’m obsessed with these pieces and am in love the gold and silver confetti painting.


I recently stumbled across Etsy seller, Cate Parr and her whimsical watercolour paintings. Drawing inspiration from high fashion figures as well as magazine covers, Parr’s paintings evoke a surreal like quality that is not only beautiful, but glamorous. The collection itself can be found at Parr’s Etsy shop, silverridgestudio and are sure to leave you smitten, as each print is only more stunning than the next.

Now as you all know I have this thing for Etsy, we’ll call it a crush. On my time off I can usually be found stalking various shops, and swooning over countless items. One item that recently caught my eye, was a colourful love print made by the talented Jennifer Ramos over at MadeByGirl. Her prints are lovely, not only because they have the word love on them, but because they truly are beautiful and sure to brighten up any room.

For more colourful prints be sure to visit MadeByGirl on Etsy, and while your at it check out Jennifer’s Blog!