Happy Tuesday! Just a friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is this Sunday! While I adore my mom (she’s one special lady!), she’s one tough mommy to shop for and I never know exactly what to get her. Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is always a challenge, but my sister and I always manage to pull through. We like to spoil her, since she doesn’t like to spoil herself.

This year we decided to get her a certificate to one of her favourite stores so she could splurge a little. As a Mother’s Day tradition, we also like to take our mom out for brunch and buy her flowers. Flowers are MUST especially when you have a mommy like ours who is crazy for flowers! (I told you we spoiled her!)

If you haven’t already found the perfect Mother’s Day gift, here are just a few gift ideas that are sure to spoil mom, after all she deserves it!

123456789 (DIY mini Bowls)


There is something feminine and fresh about coral. It’s not necessarily orange or pink, but instead lies somewhere in between the two. I must admit that I am in love with this colour, and love how it has not only made its way into fashion, but everywhere else! Here are just a few pretty picks that are sure to have you crushing on coral.

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Did I ever mention how I absolutely love DIY projects? If I didn’t, you should know that I simply adore them. So, when I stumbled across these sparkly DIY confetti eggs by Rebecca Wright on Oh Happy Day, I naturally jumped with excitement. These confetti eggs provide the perfect Easter twist and require very little time as well as materials to make. Plus, who doesn’t want a little sparkle in their Easter festivities?

Photos by Robyn Kessler via Oh Happy Day